Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back is a Young Adult fiction short story. It is now available on Amazon exclusively as a Kindle ebook. You can purchase it to read on all Kindle devices and any device that supports the Kindle App by clicking here.

	Is this the last chance to follow her dream? Claire has never doubted her love of acting—she lives for the stage. And she has talent, too. But with her high school graduation looming and the pressure from her family and friends, the drama club’s final performance might be hers as well.

	I know Dad’s never been a fan of my acting, but I never expected him to go this far. I can’t believe he would rip my dream to pieces right in front of me. And how could Bethany, my supposed best friend, force me to choose between her and my dream? She has the same dream! How could she not understand?

	So, yes, I’m technically breaking a promise and doing exactly what I swore I wouldn’t do. But what other choice do I have? Do nothing and let everything I’ve worked for disappear? I can’t. I won’t! Bethany, Dad, I hope you can forgive me. I’m not giving up—not when I’m this close!

	Can Claire discover a way forward? Or will she remain trapped by her past? Will the cost of moving on be too much to pay? Sometimes the only option is to keep moving and don’t look back.

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