Here’s where you can find and read the fiction I’ve written.

Don’t Look Back

Is this the last chance to follow her dream? Claire has never doubted her love of acting—she lives for the stage. And she has talent, too. But with her high school graduation looming and the pressure from her family and friends, the drama club’s final performance might be hers as well.

The Girl in the Glass Box

William Moretti is searching for the creator of a time machine left to him. When he learns of a girl who can accurately predict the future, he hopes she’ll be able to help him find answers. Only when Will meets Lydia, the famed Oracle, she’s nothing like he expected. Lydia lives like a bird in a cage, trapped by a mysterious illness that prevents her from being around others. But the more Will learns about Lydia, the less makes sense. When his actions send Lydia’s world into chaos, Will might just be her last hope.

The Golden Locket

Corporal Rogers must decide what’s most important when confronted with the horrors of war. How valuable is a life, and what price is worth paying to protect others?

I wrote The Golden Locket for my university’s writing contest. This short story was edited by best-selling author Jerry Jenkins. And you can read it here!

Analog: A Short Story

John awakens to find himself locked in a small room with no memories of who he is or how he got there. A notebook he discovers on his person brings more questions than answers. The sudden appearance of a strange woman who claims to know him sets off a chain reaction that brings him face to face with a deadly mystery.

Can John figure out who he is and what’s going on before his time is up? His quest for the truth might just prove fatal.

Decaf Coffee and Cherry Pie

Business elite, Anne’s world is caving in around her. Nothing in her life is what she thought it would be. Desperate to escape the chaos, Anne visits her grandmother Rosemary’s diner. With some distance, she hopes for a reprieve but finds she can’t outrun her problems. Still, there may just be some magic in a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.