The Man with the Time Machine Series

Have you read “The Girl in the Glass Box” and are dying to know what happens next? Don’t worry because more is on the way! I am working on the next installment of Will and Lydia’s journey. This novella is tentatively titled The Man with the Time Machine and His Granddaughter.

When the time machine suddenly malfunctions, trapping the pair in 2010, Will has to figure out how to hide the mysterious door that is now fixed to the side of his childhood home. But what’s this? His granddaughter lives there? How can he have a granddaughter if he went missing after traveling through time? Who is the old man claiming to be him? And how are Will and Lydia going to fix the time machine if neither of them knows how it works? You’ll have to read it to find out more!

While there is no date yet, I’m shooting for a 2025 release. It will probably also be a Kindle exclusive, but I will have more information closer to the launch. Be sure to sign up for the email list to stay updated on any news.

If you haven’t read “The Girl in the Glass Box,” what are you waiting for? It’s out now on Kindle and free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.